Our portfolio ranges from Crude Oil, and Intermediate to finished products like Gasoil, Naphtha, Gasoline, Bitumen and Fuel oil.


Nestwise Petroleum is an oil and petroleum trading company initiated by a team of professional individuals who have years of experience in the oil and gas markets and industry.

Our Products

Our product portfolio includes the following products:


Naphtha is term used for referring to a variety of intermediates and distillation fractions within the gasoline boiling range.

Fuel Oil

From kerosene to residual fuel oil, this petroleum commodity is a refined product that can come in different densities and specifications.


This extremely dense and semi-solid refined product of crude oil is mainly used as a binder for paving roads in addition to roofing membranes.


Also known as Mogas, motor gasoline, petrol and benzine, gasoline is one of the main petroleum products derived from processing crude oil.

To create sustainable value and leave a significant impression on the energy markets.
Having been in this business for several years, we highly appreciate the value of having a network of trusted partners.

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