We are a newly-established oil and petroleum trading company initiated by a team of professional individuals who have years of experience in the oil and gas markets and industry.

At NESTWISE we have gathered a group of both fresh talents and veterans of the industry to build a finely-balanced human capital. This combination of innovation, experience, creativity and wisdom is actually what makes us stand out among other young companies in this sector.
We always appreciate lessons we can learn from the past, we constantly update our knowledge, we highly welcome innovation and thinking out of the box and ambitiously, yet wisely create our future as we desire!
Hence, we gathered together and established a new nest named NESTWISE.
We intend to create and propose value by offering exceptional services to our clients, meeting their expressed and unexpressed needs, optimizing inefficient processes and acquisition of essential resources to secure successful operations. This includes:

  • Vessels to enhance safe and on-time deliveries.

  • Storage that enable us to be agile and propose cost effective prices.

  • Risk management techniques, in order to conquer price uncertainties and other potential exposures.

  • A long-term relationship and a reliable network in supply chain

We aspire to grow at a fast pace by integrating sufficient physical resources, our professional business background, our ability to provide creative solutions and our understanding of both clients’ expectations and market conditions.
We supply high-quality products from reliable producers in the region. Meanwhile, we arrange physical trading activities such as storing, blending and the on-time delivery of the products based on the requested details.
Our portfolio ranges from Crude Oil, and Intermediate to finished products like Gasoil, Naphtha, Gasoline, Bitumen and Fuel oil. NESTWISE’s Commercial partners are oil and gas suppliers, refineries, traders, retailers and other plants who use these products as their feedstock.


Word without actions worth nothing.
To make sure our actions match our words, we have based our daily operations on the following values:

Making customers delighted:

As a customer-oriented company our main focus is on our clients and their satisfaction. We supply their specific needs through safe, customized and timely deliveries.

Improving trust over the value chain:

We have a vast network of relationships and we are committed to maintain it by honoring our words and putting them into actions.

Brining up innovation to current procedures:

Without innovation, routines are frustrating. Our innovative team bring new ideas to improve the current status and save time, energy, cost and other resources.

Being a learning company:

Expertise is a result of continuous learning, we learn lessons by performing our daily tasks and we try to implement them in the best possible manner.


Creating and maintaining a valuable network in the energy market. 
Having been in this business for several years, we highly appreciate the value of having a network of trusted partners. However, we are well-aware that building these connections require us to be professional, honest and trustworthy partners in the first place. We do so by providing products that meet the highest international quality standards, by complying with international laws and regulations, by being transparent in all of our activities and by taking everyone’s benefits and interests into consideration in every deal we make. We are a trustworthy partner and we would like to be rewarded with our clients’ trust and loyalty in return.


To create sustainable value and leave a significant impression on the energy markets.
The sole purpose of financial profitability is no longer a vision or even a goal for companies. Considering the current economic, social and environmental concerns, firms are now responsible for the impact of their activities more than ever before, and we are no exception.
In light of that, we propose to make a positive impression by building an ever-expanding, dynamic and diversified portfolio which is capable of meeting a wide range of customer requirements in addition to providing cost-efficient, agile and smart solutions. We create sustainable value by means of risk management, opportunity creation, being accountable, knowledge sharing and in general, integrating our stakeholders’ interests into our business processes.

To create sustainable value and leave a significant impression on the energy markets.
Having been in this business for several years, we highly appreciate the value of having a network of trusted partners.

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